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Account Administration Menu

The Account Mapping Tool is located in the Admin menu. Select the Admin drop-down from the anterraBI set of drop-downs, scroll to and select Account Mapping from the list, and then the Account Mapping selection shown below with a black arrow. 

Admin > Account mapping > Account Mapping 

Core Account Mapping Functionality

Unmapped base accounts will be on the right and your mapped chart of accounts is on the left.

Rules: Individual base accounts can be mapped to levels that don’t have anything beneath them, or that already have other base accounts mapped to them. You cannot map base accounts to roll up to other base accounts, nor can you map base accounts to a level that holds account categories underneath it. 

Mapping a Single Account

Drag an account from the right by selecting the item you want to drag by left-clicking it, once selected it will turn blue. Then you left-click and drag the account under the proper dropdown from the item menu. 

Once highlighted, left-click and hold for 1-2 seconds then drag to bring up the drag-able field box.

Then drag the field into the base level it should be assigned to and unclick to release into destination level.


Mapping Multiple Accounts

To move multiple accounts at once, use the “Shift” key to select a range of accounts and select them, then left-click and drag it over to the left. See pic of shift-selected fields for mapping:

To move multiple accounts at once, use the “Ctrl” key to select specific unmapped accounts, then left-click and drag it over to the left. See pic of ctrl-selected field for mapping:

Adding New Account Sub-Categories

To add a new account, right-click on a header to add a new sub-category item to map accounts to. You can move these under whichever parent you want. Once created you can assign unmapped accounts to the new item by dragging the unmapped item over it. 

Reordering Accounts

To reorganize your accounts, you can simply drop and drag if you can see both on your screen or you can unmap an item and then remap it to the new location.

To reorder mapping under a header in the chart of accounts, drag it to wherever in the order you want to see it in the other reports.


Additional: Searching and Renaming and Splitting



Above the chart of accounts is a search bar which when used will collapse the chart of accounts and then open them again but only the levels that were in the contained search. It highlights them yellow on any level containing the text in the search. This allows quick finding of specific accounts.


To rename the levels or mapped base accounts, right-click the level and select rename, and then enter the name you want to be displayed.


Splitting is used when a single base account needs to be used for a different purpose based on the prefix. The different purposes for splitting are either:

      1.       The base account has different descriptions per prefix, but is mapped to the same parent rollup

Ex: 40000 base account description is “Income”, but should be called “Construction Income” for the Construction Division, and called “Electrical Income” for the Electrical Division, but both items roll up to Total Revenue in the chart of accounts

      2.       The base account has different descriptions per prefix and is mapped to a different parent rollup

Ex: 40000 base account description is “Income”, but should be called “Construction Income” and roll up to Construction Revenue for the Construction Division.  It should be called “Electrical Income” and roll up to Electrical Revenue for the Electrical Division

      3.       The base account has the same description, but is mapped to a different parent rollup

Ex: 40000 means “Income”, but is mapped to the Construction Revenue category for the Construction Divisions, and is mapped to the Electrical Revenue category for the Electrical Divisions


To split a child level dropdown right-click and select split from the menu popup.

Add a base account named the specific destination you want to split off into (the example was construction/electrical).

Then move the items for the new destination into the new level destination. Then click done. This will add the new child level that was split off to unmapped so you can add it to the appropriate rollup. This is for consolidated reporting. 

Refreshing Your Reporting

Any time you make changes you will want to click the “Update Anterra” button to refresh the cube and update your reports. It can take up to 5 minutes to get all the new mappings up to the cube depending on the changes made.

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