Troubleshooting Problems Data Sync to AnterraBI

Troubleshooting Problems Data Sync to AnterraBI

Some of the common reasons for the anterraDataCenter sync to stop running are as follows:
  1. The local or active directory account that is used by Windows Task Scheduler to run the data update has had its password changed.
  2. Your ERP system (Sage, Viewpoint, Etc) was recently updated to a new version which can cause scheduled tasks to be disabled or change the schema on tables.
  3. The external IP address which is used to access the internet by ADC changed, for security reasons, Anterra maintains a list of IP addresses permitted to access our servers.
  4. The ERP system (Sage, Viewpoint, Etc) and\or your SQL server was recently rebooted which interrupted the update to Anterra's cloud.
If you need our assistance please submit a ticket and the first available support person will respond. Please let us know if you are able to resolve the issue so we can close this support ticket.
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