Anterra Version v28 Release Notes

Anterra Version v28 Release Notes

AnterraBI™ v28 has been released to Production! Below are the enhancements available today.


  1. S-curve Billing and Cost Graphs – measure earned value/billings ahead and behind S-curves
  2. Anterra Ad Hoc – integration of Amazon QuickSight
  3. S -curve Setup now shows milestone number, % billed, % cost for each milestone
  4. S-curve Setup – duplicate S-curves
  5. S-curve Setup – export to Excel
  6. Cash Flow Forecasting – create cash flow forecasting line automatically for each contract item
  7. Anterra Statement Builder – search box added to help find statements
  8. Improved Data Sync Status Reporting
  9. Action Item Pivot Grid – added columns for Customer ID and Customer Name
  10. Bug Fixes

    S-Curve Billing and Cost Graphs

    Graphs have been added to cash forecasting to help you understand your costs and billings compared to your S-curve. This allows you to:
    1. Identify possible scheduling problems – if your cost spend is less than your S-curve you haven’t achieved your planned earned value – this is the first indication that you may have a problem meeting your schedule.
    2. Identify possible billing problems – if your billings are behind your S-curve you may not have issued invoices for the work you have completed.  This would create a cash flow problem in the coming months.

    S-curve Graphs are now included in Cash Flow Forecasting. The default menu location is ‘Reports to Test > Construction > Job Cash Flow Forecasting’.

      The graphs show:

    1.   S-curve Planned Billings
    2. Actual Billings
    3. Forecast Billings (calculated from your S-curve Template)
    4. S-curve Costs
    5. Actual Costs
    6. Forecast Costs (calculated from your S-curve Template)

      You can turn graph lines off and on in the legend by clicking on the item – this lets you focus in on lines if they overlap.

    If you hover over a month’s Actual Cost line, you can see how actual costs compare to your S-curve.

    In this example, the project’s job-to-date actual costs are ahead of the S-curve (which is good), but October spend was -$71,167 lower than the S-curve. Perhaps there may be a supply shortage that will impact the schedule?

    Hover over a month’s Actual Billings to see how actual billings compare to your S-curve.

    This is a good example because the project is billing ahead of the S-curve.


    Anterra Ad Hoc: Integration with Amazon QuickSight

    Anterra Ad Hoc provides the capability to build your own visualizations using normalized data. Amazon QuickSight has been integrated into AnterraBI to give you new and powerful reporting capabilities, enabling you to:
    1. Build dashboards and tables that are unique to your company
    2. Build visualizations that span multiple systems – for example, you could report on a combination of your CRM data and your construction or real estate accounting system data
    3. Build dashboards using features Anterra does not have in our main product – for example preparing heat maps of jobs sized by remaining contract value


    Five Screenshots of Anterra Ad Hoc




    Anterra Ad Hoc is integrated into Anterra!

    1. You can add dashboards to menus, menu security applies
    2. Authoring is done inside AnterraBI using a single sign on to Amazon QuickSight

    Anterra Ad Hoc Licensing

    Anterra Ad Hoc has two types of licenses:

    1. Author licenses that can create, edit, and publish dashboards. (This requires learning Amazon QuickSight.)
    2. Viewer licenses that can see and interact with visualizations but not edit them

    *Anterra also has to provision your normalized data to a data warehouse.


    Please contact Zuleika Lopez for more information and to discuss your ad hoc reporting requirements.


    S-curve Setup

    Milestone number, % billed, % cost for each milestone

    To help you understand S-curve templates better, columns have been added for Milestone Number, Milestone % Billed, and Milestone Cost Complete %.   S-curve Setup’s default menu location is ‘Construction > Administration’.




    Duplicate S-curve Templates

    Enter as many S-curve milestones on a template as you like. In this case, more IS better, as you get a more accurate distribution of costs if you have more milestones. Since many project types have similar S-curve milestones, we have added a Duplicate S-curve button.



    When you duplicate an S-curve, you can overwrite an existing Project Type S-curve’s steps or type in a new Project Type in the pop up to create a new Project Type S-curve.



    Exporting the setup to Excel

    To review your setup or share it, export your S-curve templates to Excel.


    All columns are included in the export:


    Cash Flow Forecasting – Create a forecasting line for each contract item automatically

    The ability to create a cash forecasting line item for each contract item on your job has been added.  Cash Flow Forecasting is a menu item under ‘Reports to Test > Construction’.

    With all items ungrouped, select ‘Create New Group + For Each Selected Item’.


    And a cash flow row is created for each contract item – note you can create combinations of grouped items and individual items.  This might be useful to separate out contract items that represent change orders.



    After clicking Save & Finish you will see the cash flow items in the grid to forecast.



    Anterra Statement Builder – Search box added to help find statements

    Many of our clients have built a large number of statement designs in Anterra Statement Builder. A search box has been added to help you find designs in the menu bar. We filtered statements to designs or descriptions containing “Rolling” in this example:


    Improved Data Sync Status Reporting

    The reporting of information of your data sync (Sage and Vista clients) has been improved. It now shows the last update time and update type. Click on the check box (or spinning wheel if your data update is in progress) to see the timing of your last data update.


    Action Item Pivot Grid – Columns added for Customer ID and Customer Name

    Two new columns have been added to the Action Item Pivot Grid (menu item is under ‘Action Items > Pivot Grids’) to assist AR collections.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed.

9374 : Project Treemap initial selection showing only one job when JTD profit selected as the sizing parameter – fixed, now all jobs show properly:

8030 :  Service Level Agreement Widgets should pass single day to drill down.
8887 : Percent complete Construction Widget shows incorrect values.

Upcoming Features

You will see some new items under reports to test, we are working on:
  1. Cost Code Level Forecasting
  2. Uploading of your Bid Pipeline – we’ll add your weighted bid pipeline to job cash flow forecasting to give you a windshield view of your business

—End of v28 Release Notes—

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