AnterraBI Construction - Session 2 Video Training Series

AnterraBI Construction - Session 2 Video Training Series

AnterraBI CONSTRUCTION MODULE - SESSION 2: Job Forecasting, WIP Management & S-Curves 

Prerequisites: Construction Level 1 / Pivot Grid Training

Audience: AnterraBI Construction Module Users


Purpose:  This Training Series provides a detailed look at Construction Job Forecasting, WIP Management and S-Curves. This training is for the Construction Champion, Admin, and personnel involved in these processes.  Attendees will learn the workflow of Job Forecasting and WIP management.  The session reviews the Forecasting process, customization of the Forecasting Pivot Grids, WIP management process and WIP reporting.  The session also reviews the use of S-Curves and how S-Curves can drive Job Cash Flow forecasting.  

20 Construction Module Training Sessions 

Session 20-00: AnterraBI Construction Overview & Setup Training Session

Session 20-00 provides an overview of the AnterraBI Advance Construction Training. This session starts by reviewing the Construction Module core concepts: Security, Dashboards, and Pivot Grids. This session then will introduce the attendees to Job Margin Analysis, Construction Labor Categories, Procurement Risk, WIP Management and Reporting, and Job Forecasting.

This session is a prerequisite to all of the detailed Construction Module video trainings.

20 Detailed Construction Module Training Sessions 

Session 20-05: AnterraBI WIP Management

Session 20-10: AnterraBI WIP Reporting

Session 20-20-05: AnterraBI Job Forecasting Workflow Overview

Session 20-20-10: AnterraBI Job Forecast Hub Training with Job Level and Cost Type Level Forecast Cost at Complete

Session 20-20-15: AnterraBI Job Forecast Cost at Complete at the Cost Category Level

Session 20-25-05: AnterraBI S-Curve Forecasting Concepts and Setup


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