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AnterraBI v27 Release

The latest version of AnterraBI (ABI) is here for you!

Based on client feedback and requests, v27 improves your financial management every day.

Job Cash Flow

It's horseshoes, not darts! 

S-Curve Models

One new feature, Job Cash Flow, (which is included with ABI) allows customers to create job types. These job types double as S-Curve models for job billing and costs over the life of a project. This creates an initial estimate of the net revenue over time for the project, and is automatically aligned with actuals as they come into Anterra. Furthermore, project managers or finance teams can reallocate billing for a particular project to make sure that future months are in the black.

Anterra AdHoc™

An optional new feature called “Anterra AdHoc” allows companies who need incredibly fast ad hoc analytics to answer their toughest business questions. Create custom calculations and formulas, use insights to find anomalies in data, and create stunning dashboards which can be shared with ‘light’ AdHoc users right inside of ABI.

AR Daily Movement Widget and Grid

A new construction widget shows AR amounts invoiced and paid by date for the last 30 days. This drills to an AR daily movement grid where you can see which customers have been invoiced each day and what amounts have been paid each day. The widget and grid both show AR net movement for the day giving you a clear understanding of your AR trends.

Standard Formats for Dollars, Percentages, and Ratios in ASB

Simplify your statement building in Anterra Statement Builder with standardized formats. Automatically apply correct formatting (including decimal places and display characteristics by default) when creating a custom calculation.

MTD Cost Added to WIP Profit by Month

An additional set of dynamic columns for MTD Cost was added to the WIP Profit by Month grid which shows the cumulative MTD Cost for each dynamic month shown on the grid.

Graphs on Weekly Production Trend Analysis

Graphs can now be expanded on the Weekly Production Trend Analysis for each project that previously had a daily breakdown. Previously graphs didn’t line up with the values shown in the grid. Updated to show the data weekly to match the underlying grid.

Data Processing Indicator Improvements

Changed “Cube Recalculating” to “Account/Consolidation Group Last Update.”
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