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Service Management BI Report: GL to SM Reconciliation

Version 25 Release


Purpose:  Service Management Operation Managers run reports out of Service Management showing monthly revenue. Revenue on Service Management reports can be different from the revenue on a GL income statement, in some cases by many thousands of dollars. The difference is caused by invoices voided in AR outside of the reporting period, and by non SM transactions in the GL revenue account for Service Management.

This report balances GL to SM using the following sections:

Invoices from Service Management in Period                                       AAAAA

LESS Invoices Voided with Invoice Date in Period                                BBBBB 
LESS Invoices Voided with Invoice Date Outside of Period                  CCCCC

Other GL Transactions                                                                              DDDDD

Total Amount - Compared to GL Revenue Account                               EEEEEE               EEEEEE

MENU ITEM:  Service Management > Administration > GL to SM Reconciliation

REPORT SECURITY:  Finance > Income

This means you must belong to a group with the Report Testing Security role to see this report. Typically, the AnterraBI Champion has this role. Please open a support ticket if you would like us to turn on this role for you so you can test this report. After testing, the Report Testing Menu Role can be removed and users in groups with Finance > Income will be able to run the report.

REPORT OUTPUT (Last Page from Anterra Sample Data)

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