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Release Notes v25.2

Anterra Version 25.2 Release Notes

Updates to Anterra Pivot Grids

These are general updates that apply to most of the grids through every module (Finance, Construction, and Service Management)

Setting the Default Date for a Pivot Grid - KB

  • Pivot Grids now support the ability to define the default date to show when visiting the grid, you can select from the following options when saving a grid:


Pivot Grid Collapsed Grouping View - KB

We have enhanced the Pivot Grid collapse functionality significantly.  (#6143)  Here is a view of Margin Gain Erosion that is grouped by Division and Project Manager:

When you click on the check box to the left of “Collapse Pivot Table”  you create a drill through report!

Here is the Division Level:

Clicking on the General Construction takes you down to the second pivot – Project Manager

Clicking on a Project Manager takes you to the detailed grid

Note that there is a breadcrumb on top of the grid to navigate up to the top:


1.      You can save collapsed views!  Simply click on the save icon beside the view name:

2.      If you would like to see the hierarchy view of the pivot grid click on the ellipsis in the far left column:

Other Pivot Grid Enhancements / Fixes

  1. A bug was fixed addressing the date upon drilling-down and returning from the drill-down (#7526)
  2. To Improve usability of Pivot Grids, we have implemented default widths to certain columns based on the type of data those columns show. Doing this prevents users from seeing incorrect characters in a column that is too small to display the data.  (#7550, #7298)
  3. Corrected an issue experienced by users when attempting to put a filter on a grid with no data (#7628)
  4. Corrected an issue for columns without titles (#7542)
  5. Support for updating Job Forecast Pivot Grid totals instantly during changes including standard aggregations and while addressing cross-column calculations. (#7297)


System-Wide Updates

Set a page as your home page KB

The favorites and default starting page of Anterra feature has been overhauled and now allows each user to set their default “Home” page, which loads immediately after login to Anterra.  Navigate to the page you want to see when you log in, click on the “star” in the top right menu and select “Set as Home Page”

The page you select will show a “home” icon in its menu icon


Creating a Favorites Menu – KB

  • Your favorites menu is under the Star icon in the top right of the menu bar, when you click on the star you see all of the menu items you have ‘favorited” (#7558)

There are 2 ways to add items to your Favorite menu

1.      Click on Add to Favorites under the Star when you are on the menu item you would like to add to your favorites list

2.      Click on the “Star” beside any menu item to make it a favorite, the star fills in to let you know it is now one of your favorites.

To remove an item from your Favorites list simply unclick this same star on the menu item to clear it.

NEW BI COMPONENT – Project Gantt Chart - KB

Anterra’s roadmap for 2020 for construction is focused on job forecasting. The first major feature will be job cash flow forecasting.  In order to forecast job cash flow project dates must be centrally managed.  Most companies do not update project start and end dates in their accounting systems. Project managers typically are not given access to job setup where the date fields are located.

Anterra’s first step to cash flow forecasting and job control is to provide a central Gantt chart that lets you:

      1.       Set project start and end dates

      2.       Change project start and end dates (requiring the cost of a date change be identified)

      3.       Show a log of all date changes

      4.       Shows all active projects

      5.       Provides an overview of project timing by company, division and project manager 

The Gantt chart component is under the Reports to Test menu:

Please contact Anterra if you would like to test the Gantt Chart – we will need to turn off the updating of project dates from your accounting system.

The Project Gantt Chart shows all active jobs


Clicking on a project name opens the date management pop up

As you fill in the date changes you are asked for:

      1.       The reason for the change in dates –


You can maintain this list in the Admin > UI Administration > Action Item Administration where we added the project date change reason as a managed field.  You can edit existing reasons, add, delete and order items. 

      2.       Edit the start and end dates as required, the total project duration is displayed before and after you change dates:


      3.       Enter the cost of the change and if it is fully recoverable, partially recoverable or not and a note.  If you select fully or partially recoverable you are asked to enter the claimed amounts and the CO number


      4.       To see a log of project date changes click on the Project End Date on the Gantt Chart



 Many clients have asked us for job cash flow forecasting.  We are working on automated job cash flow forecasting using S curves by project type.  If you would like to participate in the development of cash flow forecasting please email Bruce Vanderzyde –

Update to Anterra’s Appearance

  • We have updated the look and feel of the site to make BI components easier to read and cleaner to view.  Pivot grid subtotals show in darker grey, bolded text is now slightly darker.

  • We improved system performance and load times by updating the underlying code and themes used. Styles and other quality of life improvements were added as well for smoother report loading. (#7553, #7266, #7564)
  • To Improve the display of data update status information we have altered the ‘Work’ heading to become ‘Workflow Step’. In doing so it now shows when work has been completed.  We also cleaned up the database removing unused tables speeding up the Job status changes.  The data status icon appears as spinning circles when working, as an “X” if there is an error or as a checkmark if everything has processed successfully (#7263)
  • Here is how the status looks after you click “Update Anterra” after making changes to your Consolidation Group mapping:

Updates for Anterra Administrators

Most of these updates are focused on helping keep the right users seeing the right information.

NEW REPORT – Data Trimming Security Report - KB

  • Data Trimming Security Report - To help clients better understand what users see, we have implemented user security audit reports. You can reach this area of Anterra’s site by going to Admin then User Admin then User Data Trimming Report. This is a Pivot grid allowing clients to save views. (#7528)

Report Testing Menus - KB

  • We have added a new main heading “Reports to Test” that allows users with the report testing security role(s) to see new Anterra reports that haven’t been released to all of the users in their Anterra system.  To keep things organized and easy to administrate, new reports are sorted by module which can have different reviewers depending on the setup of your organization based on roles (e.g. Finance, Real Estate, Construction, Service Management, and Other). Once a report has been tested it can be moved to any location in your menu structure using the Menu Administration tool (Admin – Menu Administration) (#7406)

Other Administration Fixes/Enhancements

  • We now allow user exclusion from module counts in user admin. To do this go to the edit user pop up and check the box under Business Area Modules called “Exclude From User Module Counts”. When the box is selected for a user it removes the users checkbox from the main user page when “Show Modules” is selected.   (#6992, #7362)
  • Fixed an error that appeared when attempting to delete a hidden menu item in the Menu Administration tool  (#7689)
  • Fixed an issue with copying users in User Administration when users had more than one business entity item within one business area entity ( (#7566)
  • Added support to our new Job Runner process for customers with multiple installations of anterraDataCenter (ADC) across multiple servers (#7589)

Updates to Widgets

  • Fixed an issue with user-created calculations of a percentage that caused them to not be shown properly during the creation process in the preview (#7686)

Updates to Module Specific Functionality

Real Estate Module Updates

  • Clients wanted Pivot Grids released for real estate, so we made that possible. We now have the ability to have Pivot grids for Rent Roll, Sales Reports and Tenant Health. (#7423, #7501)

Finance Module Updates

General Updates

  • Users with the Account Flagging and Mapping Role set will now receive Unmapped accounts notification via e-mail at 8am users time. These emails will be sent to remind users of unmapped accounts. (#2967) – REVIEW EMAIL FORMAT W DEREK
  • Fixed an issue where after saving changes on the Account Mapping tool the system did not launch the appropriate back-end updates automatically (#7695)

AR Collection Management: Customer Hub / AR Invoices / Action Items / AR Notes

This was a major focus of this release

  • Improved performance for AR Invoice Pivot grid load times, and addressed speed of getting outstanding invoices for customers with large numbers of records to load more quickly by updating our caching methods. (#7419, #7187, #7014, #7674)
  • Improvements to syncing customer addresses to Customer Hub. (#7012)
  • Fixed an issue with filtering for organizations on the Action Item Calendar and Action Item Pivot Grid. (#7611, #7586)
  • Removed an incorrect column from the details section of Customer Hub shown after selecting an invoice in the grid. (#7718)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from being able to change the type of an existing action item in certain cases. (#7599)
  • Improved error messages shown by the AR Notes features, and addressed an issue with saving new AR Action Items for affected customers. (#7244, #7551)

Construction Module Updates

  • Gantt chart for managing project dates (#7468, #7456, #7368, #7366, #7367)
  • Fixed a bug where the Default forecast level for a new project was not set  (#7693)
  • Added a new column in grid administration for project description (#7407, #7448)
  • Improve data refresh time for Forecast Builder (#7256)
  • Solved an issue with Job Forecasting Hub for clients with a single-section cost code structure (#7723)
  • Addressed an issue where changing the selected Consolidation Group on Job Mapping didn’t always update the interface with the properly filtered jobs (#7706)
  • Addressed a change in how Microsoft delivers Bing Maps that caused various mapping widgets to not work (#7660)

Service Management Module Updates

  • We have added Technician from the assignment as column on AR Action Item Grid (#7588)
  • Change Technician column to use the primary technician from the assignment rather than the Technician associated with the work order (#7445)
  • Work Order Throughput Pivot grids (#7449, #7488, #7567)

Other Updates

Equipment Updates

  • Corrected an issue causing Revenue Utilization report to load slowly (#7417)

anterraDataCenter (ADC) Updates

  • GL only update added as option for customers (#7459)


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