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AnterraCloudBI v26 Release Notes

Anterra Version 26 Release Notes

AR Collections – Enter and Report on Payment Promise Date

The AR Aging Pivot Grid now supports the ability to enter a payment promise date in the Customer Hub:


  1. Select the “Customer Hub” Icon from the AR Invoice Grid.        
  2. Inside the Customer Hub, select invoice(s), and enter a payment promise date, click on the button “Update Selected Invoices” to set the Payment Promise Date, the date shows in the far right column of the invoice grid: 
  3. The AR Invoice Grid has 2 new columns:  Payment Promise Date and Days To/From Payment Promise Date.  You can create views that filter on the Days to / From Payment Promise date to determine:
  1. Invoices and total dollars that have payment promise dates (Days to / From not equal to Null)
  1. Invoices past their payment promise date (Days to / From) < 0

AR Collections – View Invoice Images

AR Aging Pivot Grid can display PDF invoice images inside the Customer Hub.

To enable this feature, we need to configure a service that monitors where you store PDF images.

1.     Select the “Customer Hub” Icon

2.     Invoices with images attached and will appear with a dark blue icon in the “Original Amount” Column. Invoices without linked PDF Images will be gray.  Select the image icon to view links to images. Note that multiple images can be accessed for the same AR invoice – for example, the invoice plus a signed quote:


3.     Click on the invoice or the quote to view the PDF.

Please email to discuss how we can connect to a data folder on your server and the file naming requirements. There is a small fee for hosting and supporting invoice images.


New Construction Widget – Work Backlog by PM


New Admin Grid – Data Trimming by User

This grid lets you report on data trimming security for your users.
Menu:  Admin > User Admin > User Data Trimming Report

Collapsed Pivot grids – now show percentages.

When you select “Collapse Pivot Table” on a Pivot grid we now show percentages from the columns in the uncollapsed view:

Action Item Calendars – may now be exported to PDF

When you are looking at Action Item Calendars you will now see a PDF button, click on the button to view the on the Month and Agenda views.  Clicking on the button will open the calendar in a PDF.


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